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The Jungle Enemies

The Jungle is where your space pod crashes and you begin your mission. Here, you will find exotic beasts, swamps, and natives.

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The Crypts Enemies

The Crypts is the home of cursed ghosts of other crash victims, creepy creatures and undead remnants of the natives. Be sure to watch out for spike/arrow traps that were set to keep the living at bay.

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The Canyon Enemies

This place of ethereal energies is where the native humanoids have harnessed the power of elemental magic.

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The Urban Zone Enemies

The Urban Zone is a war torn dystopia where various gangs are found fighting for power. If you go here, you might find yourself caught in the middle of battles amongst the 'Crag' gang, the 'Blerg' gang and the Police. You can even take sides in the battle by adorning yourself in the "right" colors.

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